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ギャラリー HANA 下北沢

アウトサイダー / OUTSIDER. jdx exhibition

12:00-19:00 *火曜(28日,4日)休廊 Reception:10月23日(木)18:00-20:00

"death race" 
27.94cm x 35.56cm
12 individual, silver-framed polaroids
jdx web:

jdxはニューヨークでの展覧会や、本や新聞、アンソロジー等で写真作品を発表しています。また、The New York Timesのwebを初め、East Village Grieve, The Lo-Down, Bowery Boogie, Hipstamaticなど、様々なオンライン媒体にも取り上げられています。彼はニューヨークのイーストビレッジを拠点に、時には眠り、撮影をし、制作活動を続けています。

jdx is a street photographer from New York City. Weaving graffiti, architecture and miles of street art together, jdx captures the endless deaths and rebirths of the Lower East Side.  jdx documents what's left of the desolate culture of old NYC and transforms the grit and grime into a modern commentary about where we've journeyed and where we're headed through the eye of an outsider.
jdx's photography has been showcased in New York City art exhibitions, published in books, arts journals, anthologies & featured online in The New York Times, East Village Grieve, The Lo-Down, Bowery Boogie & Hipstamatic.  He lives, shoots & sometimes sleeps in the East Village of New York City.

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EDGE Collective
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